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Getting Started With the Microsoft DA-100 Dumps

Suppose you want to have instant success at Microsoft DA-100 surveys and you’re passionate about achieving good grades on Microsoft DA-100 surveys. In that case, you should work smarter so you can achieve success. You have to, first of all, fully appreciate the 100% real DA-100 dumps, which can help you gain success in the Analytical Data with Microsoft Power BI Exam. What are these? DA-100 is one of the exams which will help you determine if you have all the necessary skills to be a good Microsoft Information Specialist (MSIS). These dumps include information from the actual questions which are being asked in this particular exam. As a student, you should make sure that you fully understand every question for this specific survey. If you have any doubts, you should consult your notes and study guides before answering the question.

Microsoft DA-100 Dumps

Why do we need to appreciate the Free DA-100 Dumps fully? For one, this question and answer series is divided into two parts. The first part of the dump involves the questions that will appear on the PowerPoint presentation. As a student, you should pay much attention to these questions because these will tell you which specific skills you need to master to pass the Microsoft Analytical Data with Microsoft Power BI exam successfully. As a result, you should spend more time studying for these questions and not simply rely on your notes and study guides.

Detailed DA-100 Pdf Questions Answers

The second part of the question and answer series consists of four basic questions. As a student, you should pay close attention to these four questions and try to find answers to these questions even if you have doubts. These will help you prepare appropriately for the Microsoft Analytical Data with Microsoft Power BI Exam and gain enough practice for the real thing. Because of the nature of these question and answer portions, it will take you about thirty minutes to an hour to complete the entire question and answer portion of the exam. This means that you need to have a good grasp of the concepts discussed in the study guide for Free DA-100 Questions and the PowerPoint presentations that will show you how to answer the actual questions.

DA-100 PDF Dumps for the Preparation

To gain maximum advantage from the PowerPoint and Power Browsing components of the Microsoft Analytical Data with Microsoft Power BI exam, you should make sure that you study and review the questions thoroughly before actually taking the actual exam. As a student, you should know how to obtain valid da-100 dumps PDF and PowerPoint presentations containing the correct answers to the fundamental questions. If you cannot access these study materials, you will not understand the significance of studying correctly for the exam.

Authentic DA-100 Exam Questions

A lot of study guides and study packs are available for Microsoft DA-100 Dumps PDF questions answers. These guides can be used for free, but they may also come with some additional charges. You may want to check reviews first to determine which free packages or eBooks may help you the most.


Official study guides and books may also help a lot of candidates prepare for the exam. Many of them contain sample questions and answers, comprehensive explanations of the topics and concepts, and guides on preparing for the actual Microsoft DA-100 Dumps and PowerPoint presentations. Official study guides are usually written by Microsoft Certified professionals who have many years of experience answering various types of questions about Windows. These professionals have had many years of practice and preparation for the exams, so you can be assured that they will provide you with thorough and reliable information. Official study guides and books will help candidates get acquainted with the exam and better understand the material.

Microsoft DA-100 Certification Exam Dumps That Works

Many websites and blogs offer free samples of different kinds of DA-100 Test Questions. These samples will help the novice or non-certified candidates learn and familiarize themselves with the exam’s format. It is important to remember that the questions included in these samples are meant explicitly for exam takers. They may not necessarily apply to real-life situations. So, if you use these samples to figure out the exam’s format, make sure you study and learn the topics correctly.

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They took a practice test or study materials to help students study and gain experience for the Microsoft DA-100 Free Questions. Candidates need to take their time and focus on every topic. Doing so will help them retain the information they have learned. They can ensure that they do well on this challenging exam and pass with flying colors by adequately preparing.

Demo Questions

Question: 1

You need to address the data concerns before creating the data model. What should you do in Power
Query Editor?
A. Select Column distribution.
B. Select the sales_amount column and apply a number filter.
C. Select Column profile, and then select the sales_amount column.
D. Transform the sales_amount column to replace negative values with 0.
Answer: A

Question: 2

You need to create a calculated column to display the month based on the reporting requirements.
Which DAX expression should you use?
A. FORMAT(‘Date'[date],”MMM YYYY”)
B. FORMAT(,Date,[date_id],”WM YYYY”)
C. FORMAT(‘Date'[date],”M YY”)
D. FORMAT(‘Date’[date_id]-‘’MM”) & ” ” & FORMAT (‘Date’ [year], “#”)
Answer: D

Question: 3

You need to create the required relationship for the executive’s visual. What should you do before you can create the relationship?
A. Change the data type of Sales[region_id] to Whole Number.
B. In the Sales table, add a measure for sum(sales_amount).
C. Change the data type of sales[sales_id] to Text.
D. Change the data type of sales [region_id] to Decimal Number.
Answer: C

Question: 4
You need to create a relationship between the Weekly_Returns table and the Date table to meet the reporting requirements of the regional managers. What should you do?
A. In the Weekly. Returns table, create a new calculated column named date-id in a format of
yyyymmdd and use the calculated column to create a relationship to the Date table.
B. Add the Weekly_Returns data to the Sales table by using related DAX functions.
C. Create a new table based on the Date table where date-id is unique, and then create a many-tomany
relationship to Weekly_Return.
Answer: A


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