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Microsoft Certifications Are The First Step To An Amazing Career!

No company has been more prolific in the IT world than that of Microsoft. Over the last thirty years, they have defined the average computing experience. Introducing new technology such as the first mainstream GUI and even entering into off-shoot fields like Game Design and Cloud computing, Microsoft is one of the big companies that has changed the world forever. Certification with Microsoft is an incredible way to get some particular and intentional skills in various unique products. The Microsoft Ecosystem is rich. Perhaps that’s why the MD-100 Free Questions is a great starter exam. Learning to be proficient with desktops is one of the best skills you can learn in IT, and they teach it well at Microsoft!

The MD-100 Explained

So what is the MD-100? Like most exam designations, it isn’t always apparent at first from the shortened title. The MD-100 exam or MD-100: Windows 10 is an exam focused on intimately understanding Windows 10. With it, you can obtain a Modern Desktop certification. The exam itself is focused on accomplishing tasks such as deploying windows and managing the systems that windows use. It also tests your ability to maintain a Windows system as well.

Why Pursue Modern Desktop Certification?

At first glance, many assume that an MD Cert is merely teaching you how to use Windows. Since you are interested in IT, you’d understand that a good knowledge of Windows is standard for almost any IT career. Even amateur hobby-level IT workers grasp Windows well. What isn’t taught often is the deep multi-system controls that an administrator needs to know if running several systems. A typical administrator is involved with building and designing the system that a business uses and maintaining it. This certification teaches IT workers how to use Windows’s tools powerfully and helpfully. For instance, did you know that Windows offers several tools to push updates on multiple systems? Migrate user data? Do you know the superficial differences between professional and enterprise solutions and a home edition of an office? How about licensing and adding windows to numerous devices? MD Certification gives you great answers about these sorts of things. It allows you to take that information into the workforce!

What Does The MD-100 Test?

The MD-100 tests several different areas of expertise with Windows 10. It involves four broad categories.

  • Deploying Windows
  • Managing Devices and Data
  • Configuring Connectivity (Networking)
  • Maintaining Windows

Modern Desktop Certified individuals possess a wide range of knowledge within those four broad categories and understand different technologies that often lie under Windows 10. For instance, PowerShell Remoting, analyzing and using the Event Log Viewer, deep troubleshooting, managing, and enabling groups and permissions. There is enough within the MD-100 test for a Windows 10 IT worker to tackle almost any OS-related problem encountered within an office. Other MD-focused tests, such as the MD-101, cover different aspects of Modern Desktops in conjunction with the 70-698.

MD-100 Helps With What Certification?

The full certification that MD-100 is most associated with is the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate. To achieve this, the MD-101 also needs to be passed. This is another in-depth Windows-oriented exam that expands upon the knowledge of the MD-100. Candidates with the Modern Desktop Administrator Associate can run the IT infrastructure of many small businesses and possess a wide range of skills. It also is foundational for building your IT skillset. An optional Microsoft 365 Certified Fundamentals exam can buffer your skillset and help you understand the new online ecosystem that the office has developed into.

The Details Of The MD-100 Exam

The MD-100 Exam costs roughly USD 165 and is scheduled through The MD-101 is an additional USD 165, so to get fully certified costs hundreds of dollars. Since the exam takes a lot of studies, Microsoft has created some excellent online tools for a deeper understanding of the exam. We also heavily recommend our %100 free practice exams here at Rather than spend even more money, take some time and use our materials. They’ve been crafted over the years by experts in IT. They remain accurate, up-to-date, and similar to exams you’ll encounter during the actual test. We also have a stellar community that loves to engage each other and help one another out. Take some time and read comments, talk to those who’ve passed, and help us build a world-class community!

What Does A Certified Microsoft Administrator Do?

For those new to IT, ambiguous jobs like Admin don’t fully describe the role of an MD Certified individual. It’s a pretty broad range of places that uses IT Admins. Most pay handsomely (At least 70,000 initially), but the work differs dramatically. In a small business, an IT Admin may be the only tech worker and craft his unique system that correlates to the organization’s needs. An IT Admin may lack creative freedom in a larger company but be putting out fires and troubleshooting at an exciting, dizzying pace. Like any career in IT, certification is the first step in a lifelong journey. Regardless, the role is coveted, pays well, and is a blast when you know what you are doing!

Remember That Certification Is Quite Rewarding

With just a click, you are diving into the deep end and preparing for a new milestone in your IT career. Working with Microsoft products is an incredible skill needed worldwide. We wish you luck in this journey, and as always, like we love to say, work smarter, NOT harder!

Demo Questions

Question: 1
You need to ensure that User10 can activate Computer10.
What should you do?

A. Request that a Windows 10 Enterprise license be assigned to User10, and then activate Computer10.
B. From the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT), add a Volume License Key to a task sequence, and
then redeploy Computer10.
C. From System Properties on Computer10, enter a Volume License Key, and then activate Computer10.
D. Request that User10 perform a local AutoPilot Reset on Computer10, and then activate Computer10.

Answer: D

Question: 2

You need to sign in as LocalAdmin on Computer11.
What should you do first?

A. From the LAPS UI tool, view the administrator account password for the computer object of
B. From Local Security Policy, edit the policy password settings on Computer11.
C. From the LAPS UI tool, reset the administrator account password for the computer object of
D. From Microsoft Intune, edit the policy password settings on Computer11.

Answer: A

Question: 3

You need to recommend a solution to configure the employee VPN connections.
What should you include in the recommendation?

A. Remote Access Management Console
B. Group Policy Management Console (GPMC)
C. Connection Manager Administration Kit (CMAK)
D. Microsoft Intune

Answer: D

Question: 4

You need to recommend a solution to monitor update deployments.
What should you include in the recommendation?

A. Windows Server Update (WSUS)
B. the Update Management solution in Azure Automation
C. the Update Compliance Solution in Azure Log Analytics
D. the Azure Security Center

Answer: C



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